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Our team is our greatest strength, and we are always looking for talented people to join us.

Life at Kessenick Gamma

Many of our attorneys joined us from larger international firms, seeking a different working experience.  For associates, working at our firm means substantive legal work from day one. We staff cases leanly, many times with a single partner and one or two associates. This approach allows associates to gain deep knowledge of a case and learn new skills through experience.  We also offer generous parental leave and PTO to all of our employees, and, for our associates, a realistic partnership track.

Despite these perks, we have reasonable hours expectations, so that our attorneys have time to spend with their families and community.  We want our attorneys happy, energetic, and focused when they’re working.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, our attorney turnover is low compared to larger firms. Because our attorneys stick around, they become familiar with our long-term clients, and can assist them more efficiently. We believe this is on all-around win for our firm, community, and clients.

Join our team and get real work done on day one

Commitment to Diversity

We greatly appreciate the diversity of the Bay Area and strive to create a firm reflecting our community. We also recognize the extraordinary value a diverse team provides in achieving results for our clients. Our attorneys and staff represent a diversity of gender, ethnicity, age, and background. As we continue to grow our firm, diversity will be a central focus of our mission and strategy.